Hudson Sustainable Technologies

Hudson Sustainable Technologies invests in companies in early/growth stages of their life cycles.

These companies typically have a unique technology or business model, and have a clear connection to Hudson’s core focus on sustainability, whether in clean energy, resource efficiency, smart mobility or related sectors.

Hudson principals have previously invested in power electronics, battery storage, electric vehicles and related software applications over the course of their investment careers. Their prior early and growth stage investments include First Solar, the largest solar thin film PV company in the world, SunEdison, helping to transition a four person start-up into the leading installer/integrator in the US, Powermat, the world’s leader in wireless charging technology, and Lyft, Inc., the #2 ride sharing company in the US.

Another example of early stage investing was the founding by Hudson of Sunlight Financial in 2014. Sunlight provides loans to finance the purchase of residential solar systems, and was recognized recently by GTM Research as the fastest growing company in the residential solar finance sector.